Kingsley Lloyd

Geraint Brooks


The Willows



Red shirts with white trim, red shorts and socks


Black and white striped shirts, black shorts, black and white socks

Bridgend Street Reserves

The Willows , Cardiff


Kingsley Lloyd

07957 065380

07957 065380

Alternative Secretary

Geraint Brooks

07549 407840

The Willows

Willows Avenue (Willows High School)



CF24 2YE


Callum Evans
David Mwasigallah

Mazzy is a former first team player and is now one of the elder statesmen of the reserve team. A great football brain and desire to win. He can talk for the universe and a little bit more too.

Jacob Rees
Luke Williams
Shaun Vennables
Tomos Roberts (666651)

Gareth Tomos Lee John Roberts (06-03-1999)

Gareth is first name but is known to all as Tomos (registered 666651)

Geraint Davies

A youngster with pace, beautiful touch and an eye for goal. A future club captain. Very prone to the odd hot dog or twenty.

Jay Edwards

young striker with a great future if he keeps disciplined and focused

Callum Taylor
Matthew Whittle

assistant/player manager

Dean Teague
Liam Grant
Lee Barry
James Pennington
David Hutcheon
Tomos Roberts

666651 (Listed as Gareth Roberts on FAW database but known as Tomos)

Kieran Leto
James Powell
Michael Brooks

If everyone had Michael's attitude we might as well turn the lights off and close the curtains.

Daniel Brooks
Michael Caseres
Jordan Harrison
Tyler Wilkinson
Tom Lloyd
Ethan Davies
Joe Evans
John A Jones
Lee Moore
Ross Taylor-Gibbs
Tyler O’Brien
Cieran Lewis


Gareth Warren
Ross Powell
David Mwasigallah
Tyler Wilkinson-Proctor
Tobi Yedbri
Sam Stevens
Louis Viotti
Robert Fowler
Liam O’Hara
Georgie James