- Welsh Football League Rules Reserves





1. Only Clubs in Membership, and at the discretion of the League Management Committee, Clubs who have been previous members, may take part.


2. All matches to be played on a basis as decided by the League Management Committee.


3. All matches to be played on the registered ground of the Club unless otherwise approved by the League Management Committee.


4. Clubs not in membership will register their players on a special form issued from the League. They will not be allowed to register a player for this competition who is already registered with a Member Club which participates in this competition.


5. There shall be only one Match Official appointed, whose fees shall be in accordance with League rule 26.


6. Clubs shall pay an Annual Subscription of £100.


7. Results must be conveyed to the League Secretary in writing and to the Fixtures Secretary by telephone in accordance with League rules.


8. The Management Committee of the Welsh League shall have full jurisdiction over all matters appertaining to the Competition, and their decision will be final.


9. Fines will be at the discretion of the management committee, who, taking into account all the circumstances may refer to League Rule 30 for guidance if considered appropriate.


The above rules to be read in conjunction with the remainder of the rules of The Welsh Football League.