- Undy Athletic v AFC Llwydcoed - Match Report






Llwydcoed's Welsh League players returned to the Cynon Valley pointless aftera valiant attempt to gain a result. Although AFC Llwydcoed Manager David Haggett was without eight of his squad every player who played gave 100% for the badge. The bonus was the return of Joe Jenkins into the team.



The first half began with Undy creating wave after wave of attacks with Gyles Thompson and Marcus Power lining up play. Llwydcoed's central defenders Luke Davies and Rhys Welch were on alert and cleared the danger. More sustained pressure by Undy brought more pressure on Llwydcoed's defence whose goalkeeper Andy Hargreaves was totally focused. Llwydcoed's new look centre midfield of Jordan Ellis, Chad Rombach and Lewis Bansal tried to build off their limited possession, trying to bring Tyler Hollidge and Joe Jenkins into attacking moves. The Undy players regained the bigger share of possession because Llwydcoed's players could not build sustained attacks. Nevertheless, they kept defending for long periods showing lots of character with Matthew Doherty leading by example followed by Ricky Carter who kept working overtime to help his midfield out.



After this very difficult opening for Llwydcoed Undy began to threaten again and only some top defending by Luke Davies, Rhys Welch and goalkeeper Andy Hargreaves the latter making two brilliant saves preventing Undy's Gareth Cullimore from scoring. Undy's players were finding too much space in Llwydcoed's shape exerting more pressure on Llwydcoed's defence. The first half ended goalless. Undy had dominated possession and Llwydcoed had survived just.










The second half began with Undy's players threatening the Llwydcoed defence again with Marcus Power and Nathan Woods reacting quicker to gain possession; Only some brave defending by Llwydcoed's Luke Davies, Lewis Bansal and Jordan Ellis kept the scores goalless. Undy won a series of corners that Llwydcoed defended bravely. This spell of pressure by Undy was sustained and during this difficult time for Llwydcoed Tyler Hollidge stroked a superb pass through the Undy defence for his striker Ricky Carter to move onto the ace goal scorer was foiled this time after Undy's goalkeeper James Smallcombe pushed his shot away. Llwydcoed's players had gained some momentum and began to create some attacks of their own with Chad Rombach and Lewis Bansal creating another opening for Ricky Carter, another great opportunity but as the first the Undy goalkeeper James Smallcombe thwarted Llwydcoed's striker. The match had become more evenly balanced. Llwydcoed's Jordan Elllis and Jay Powell were able to win possession from their defence duties and threaten the Undy defence, it had taken seventy minutes. The truth is, although Undy had dominated Llwydcoed they had the best two chances of the match in the second half and then after


surviving sustained pressure most of the match Undy won another series of comers Gareth Cullimore scored with a header. Llwydcoed introduced substitutes Morgan Phillips, Liam Jones and John Marczak hoping to gain some impetus. Llwydcoed's players tried to create an equaliser with Ricky Carter breaking clear of his Undy defender but no Llwydcoed players could move into space to join the attack a problem throughout the match.




The match ended with Undy gaining the victory.