- Gwent Weekend Roundup

CALDICOT Town will return to the top flight next season as Division Two champions while league debutants Abergavenny Town are on the verge of first-time promotion from the third tier.
Manager Mark Williams took his Caldicot side to face West End for their final fixture of the season knowing success would help it move above Undy Athletic.
Once the game got underway, there was never any serious danger of the hosts doing anything to stop Caldicot from not only securing the title, but also from completing a ninth successive win.
Scoring in an emphatic 5-1 victory were James Gidney (2), Ben Smith, Rory Garey and Richard Sharratt as Caldicot won for the 24th time in 30 outings, the highest number in the top two divisions.
Cwmbran Celtic have also clinched a top-tier return and will finish the campaign as runners-up should they win their final two games, at home to both Croesyceiliog and West End during this week.
The latest of 10 consecutive wins for manager Dean Morris' side came at Ammanford, where they edged a seven-goal thriller after leading 2-0 and then trailing 3-2.
Andrew Larcombe and Josh Bull got Celtic off to a flying start with Bull grabbing a second to level things up at 3-3 and Dominic Connor clinching the three points with a later winner. 
Bull's double took his campaign league tally to 24 to give him outright leadership of the list of those goalscorers who appear for Gwent clubs.
The final Division One fixture of 2015-2016 saw relegated Aberbargoed Buds end on a high thanks to a 3-2 away victory over seventh-placed Goytre United with Gavin Meacham, Jordan Maisey and Andrew Hughes getting their goals. 
In an attempt to play Division Three fixture catch-up, Caerleon played two fixtures over the weekend, when they experienced contrasting results.
In an effort for play Division Three fixture catch-up, Caerleon and Newport Civil Service played twice over the weekend. They actually met at at Cold Bath Road on Friday night with a Mark Millinship hat-trick plus strikes from Luke Cueto, Scott Lewis and Ben Watton earned the home side an emphatic 6-0 success.
On Saturday, Millinship took his campaign league tally to 19 with Caerleon's only goal in a 2-1 defeat against STM Sports at the same venue while David Evans was NCS' scorer in a 5-1 away defeat at the hands of Bridgend Street.
That scoreline was of help to Abergavenny Town, who maintained second place with a 2-1 away triumph at Treharris Athletic Western thanks to goals from Craig Morgan and Jamie Laurent.
The three points took Abergavenny onto 71 with Bridgend Street levelling with that success over NCS, but the Gwent club still has a far better goal difference - plus43 as opposed to plus32.
Only two clubs are to be promoted and with Pontypridd Town already having clinched the third-tier title, Abergavenny and Bridgend Street now have just a couple of games remaining.
Sixth-from-the-bottom Treowen Stars improved their prospects of staying in the league with a 2-1 home victory over Newport YMCA at their Bush Park home ground, where Lewis Coote and Scott Lewis were on target and David Evans replying for YMCA, who also had defender Gareth Bennett sent off.

Gwent goalscorers (League only).

CWMBRAN Celtic's Josh Bull scored twice in a 4-3 win at Ammanford to take the outright lead at the top of the scorers' list – two ahead of Llanwern's Dean Clifford and three in front of Panteg's Luke Dyke.

24 - Josh Bull (Cwmbran Celtic).

22 - Dean Clifford (Llanwern).

21 - Luke Dyke (Panteg).

19 - Mark Millinship (Caerleon).

18 - Gareth Cullimore (Undy Athletic).

17 - Craig Norman (Abergavenny Town); Richard Greaves (Monmouth Town).

15 - Richie Jeremiah (Abergavenny Town).

14 - Josh Brown (Goytre, including seven for Lliswerry); Chris Ham (Cwmbran Celtic); Mathew Thomas (Risca United); Tony Wallis (Caldicot Town).

13 - Dan Battle (Risca United); Nick Harrhy (Monmouth Town); Dan McDonald (Monmouth Town); Dean Morgan (Abergavenny Town).

12 - Dan Jenkins (Abergavenny Town); Ian Pettit (Tredegar Town).

11 - Richard Sharratt (Caldicot Town); Tom Wise (Panteg).

10 - Johnny Edwards (Treowen Stars); James Gidney (Caldicot Town, including one for Undy Athletic); Dan Jarman (Undy Athletic).

9 - Darren Berry (Newport YMCA); Luke Cueto (Caerleon); Lewis Iles (Panteg); Jordan Ryan (Panteg); Sam O'Sullivan (Goytre); Ben Smith (Caldicot Town); James Young (Goytre).

8 - Marc Gunter (Lliswerry, including three for Newport Civil Service); Callum Miles (Goytre); Aaron Norman (Abergavenny Town); Lewis Sommers (Goytre); Ben Walker (Panteg).

7 - Ben Lawrence (Newport YMCA); Kris Leek (Goytre); Scott Lewis (Caerleon); Lee Mason (Croesyceiliog); Marcus Power (Undy Athletic); Simon Prangley (Cwmbran Celtic, including six for Chepstow Town); Jamie Summers (Abergavenny Town); Daniel Stoneman (Newport YMCA); Nathan Woods (Undy Athletic).

6 - James Barnes (Undy Athletic); Lee Challenger (Cwmbran Celtic); Owen Cook (Cwmbran Celtic); Jack Cullinane (Tredegar Town); Tom Hooper (Undy Athletic); Lloyd Kinsella (Cwmbran Celtic); Jamie Laurent (Abergavenny Town); Luke Lewis (Cwmbran Celtic); Gavin Meacham (Aberbargoed Buds); Matthew Palmer (Newport Civil Service); Chris Pearce (Caerleon); Matthew Prosser (Goytre); Leo Ross (Goytre, including three for Chepstow Town); Adam Wakeley (Chepstow Town).

5 - Macauley Allman (Lliswerry); Ryan Carniff (Tredegar Town); Gareth Delve (Llanwern); Seb Haggett (Aberbargoed Buds); Andrew Hughes (Aberbargoed Buds); Scott Jones (Treowen McGrath (Croesyceiliog); Dean Merrett (Lliswerry); Paul Michael (Risca United); Ashley Palmer (Caldicot Town); Chris Pearce (Caerleon); Alex Probert (Panteg); Mitchell Slape (Caldicot Town); Peter Szczperniak (Undy Athletic); Kyle Williams (Risca United).

4 - Yousif Al Doori (Caerleon); Jamie Arnold (Croesyceiliog); Tom Berry (Risca United, including one for Newport Civil Service); Johnny Dunn (Treowen Stars); Chris Jones (Aberbargoed Buds, including three for Treowen Stars); Tomas Lynch (Tredegar Town); Nick McGrath (Croesyceiliog); Adam Meredith (Tredegar Town); Iaon Protheroe (Tredegar Town); Dan Saunders (Caldicot Town); Ryan Smith (Newport Civil Service).

3 - Rhys Aherne (Undy Athletic); Aysa El Doori (Newport Civil Service); Christian Dunne (Panteg); Michael Baugh (Croesyceiliog); Owen Cook (Cwmbran Celtic); Aaron Cotter (Newport YMCA); Alex Evans (Goytre); Sean Feeley (Croesyceiliog, including one for Cwmbran Celtic); Lewis Grant (Newport Civil Service); Jordan Harding (Goytre); Craig Hewitt (Tredegar Town); Matt James (Caldicot Town); Alex Jenkins (Newport YMCA); Ashley Johnson (Lliswerry); Andrew Larcombe (Cwmbran Celtic); Rob Laurie (Monmouth Town); Owen Llewellyn (Cwmbran Celtic); Ryan Meek (Treowen Stars); Lewis Miles (Lliswerry); Nathan Murphy (Chepstow Town); Dean Randall (Treowen Stars); Dan Richards (Aberbergoed Buds); Richard Shire (Lliswerry); Safian Skupinski (Lliswerry); Aaron Thomas (Aberbargoed Buds); Sam Watkins (Caldicot Town); Rhys Williams (Croesyceiliog).

2 - Ben Ah-Mun (Chepstow Town); Ricky Amos (Treowen Stars); Gareth Bennett (Caerleon); Michael Bishop (Llanwern); Jon Butcher (Panteg); Ross Brown (Treowen Stars); Aaron Carew (Llanwern); Gary Colbourne (Goytre); Dominic Connor (Cwmbran Celtic); Lewis Coote (Treowen Stars); Daniel Cueto (Newport YMCA); Lloyd Dando (Treowen Stars); Tom Dando (Treowen Stars); Jamie Davies (Caerleon); Nathan Davies (Goytre); Tom Doidge (Croesyceiliog); Mark Dunn (Caerleon); Jac Evans (Abergavenny Town); Elliott Ford (Monmouth Town); Michael Flynn (Undy Athletic); Ondrei Furman (Undy Athletic); Grant Jones (Treowen Stars); Lewis Jones (Aberbargoed Buds); Cedric Matondo (Caerleon); Dave Mellon (Newport YMCA); Ian Morris (Tredegar Town); Daniel Moss (Newport Civil Service); Alex North (Llanwern); John Pardue (Newport YMCA); Stephen Parfitt (Treowen Stars); Rakesh Patel (Cwmbran Celtic); Nicky Potts (Newport Civil Service); Jordan Rathbone (Undy Athletic); Lee Penry (Cwmbran Celtic); Tony Shire (Lliswerry); Ashley Sully (Lliswerry); Gareth Stevens (Tredegar Town); Jacques Tertois (Chepstow Town); Michael Vaux (Lliswerry); Nick Vassallo (Caerleon); Richard Veale (Llanwern); Alex Waters (Lliswerry, including one for Caerleon); Ben Wootton (Caerleon).

1 - Mohammed Adan (Newport Civil Service); Jack Alderdice (Monmouth Town); Jamie Arglye (Llanwern); Scott Armitage (Aberbargoed Buds, now of Taffs Well); Tom Barry (Chepstow Town); Simon Bolton (Lliswerry); Anthony Burnett (Chepstow Town); Dafydd Brewer (Abergavenny Town); Shane Brewer (Treowen Stars); Aiden Chappell-Smith (Risca United); Tom Chorley (Croesyceiliog); Miroslav Ciagn (Newport YMCA); Paul Clayton (Undy Athletic); Gary Clinton (Chepstow Town); Aaron Colwill (Risca United); Marc Curtis (Llanwern); Dominic Connor (Cwmbran Celtic); Kieran Cook (Tredegar Town); Louis Cox (Newport Civil Service); Ross Davies (Abergavenny Town); Dan Compton (Lliswerry); Dan Cueto (Newport YMCA); Ryan Culverwell (Newport Civil Service); Justin Davies (Tredegar Town); Ross Davies (Abergavenny Town); Brad Dowling (Goytre); Shaun Duffy (Panteg); Ellis Dyer (Lliswerry); Craig Ford (Newport YMCA); Jake Forsyth (Tredegar Town); James Francis (Caerleon); Ben Freeman (Newport Civil Service); Rory Garey (Caldicot Town); Lewys Golding (Treowen Stars); Jacob Guy (Monmouth Town); Liam Grant (Llanwern); Newri Greenway (Newport YMCA); Josh Griffiths (Newport Civil Service); Josh Hall (Croesyceiliog); Jac Hartman (Monmouth Town); Aaron Harris (Croesyceiliog); Sam Harrison (Caerleon); Ben Hartrey (Llanwern); Lee Hartshorn (Chepstow Town); Grant Hawkins (Caerleon); Ryan Hayward (Croesyceiliog); Rhys Hodges (Cwmbran Celtic); Dave Hurley (Risca United); Richard Jago (Chepstow Town); Matthew James (Panteg); Robbie James (Llanwern); Shane Jeremiah (Caldicot Town); Griff Jones (Treowen Stars); Josh Jones (Goytre); Mike Jones (Undy Athletic); Thomas Jones (Tredegar Town); Marc Lillygreen (Newport Civil Service); Liam McCann (Tredegar Town); Ian McIntosh (Panteg); Jordan Maisey (Aberbargoed Buds); Mark Morris (Croesyceiliog); Steve Muir (Newport Civil Service); Chris Quinlan (Tredegar Town); Lukas Palko (Newport YMCA); Lewis Parfitt (Tredegar Town); Chris Parry (Undy Athletic); Jonathan Payne (Risca United); Keenan Perrett (Caldicot Town); Callum Porter (Monmouth Town); James Price (Tredegar Town); Paul Pritchard (Abergavenny Town); Corey Richards (Llanwern); Mark Roberts (Chepstow Town); Lloyd Sandi (Treowen Stars); Leigh Sharp (Risca United); Liam Shaw (Aberbargoed Buds); Nial Simmons (Newport YMCA); Ibrahim So Sani (Risca United); James Smallcombe (Undy Athletic); Olly Smith (Caldicot Town); Conor Street (Newport Civil Service); Kieran Thomas (Aberbargoed Buds); Gyles Thompson (Undy Athletic); Ian Turner (Chepstow Town); Oliver Trajtel (Undy Athletic); Owen Vaughan (Abergavenny Town); John Watson (Chepstow Town); Rhys Whiteman (Abergavenny Town); Eliott Williams (Aberbargoed Buds); Nathan Williams (Croesyceiliog); Rhys Williams (Cwmbran Celtic); Rhys Williams (Panteg); Leon Young (Aberbargoed Buds); Ryan Young (Newport YMCA).


16 - Undy Athletic.

13 - Caldicot Town.

11: Goytre.

8 - Cwmbran Celtic; Tredegar Town.

7 - Risca United

6 - Monmouth Town.

5 – Panteg.

4 - Abergavenny Town; Caerleon.

3 - Croesyceiliog; Lliswerry.

2: Aberbargoed Buds; Newport Civil Service; Treowen Stars.

1: Chepstow Town; Llanwern; Newport YMCA.