- Match Report - AFC Llwydcoed v Blaenrhondda JD Welsh Cup




Llwydcoed Welsh League disappointing start to 2018/2019 Season carried through to the Welsh Cup after this loss to Blaenrhondda.  They threw the match away when leading in the first half to an outstanding goal from Elliott Morris and then after a series of fouls on Llwydcoed player Ioan Evans his team mate Ross Daniels was dismissed.


The AFC Llwydcoed Management Team Matthew Driscoll and Lewis Holder were without the services of Jordan  Ellis (suspended)  Tomos Morris and Callum Henry, so in stepped Gabriel Williams, Luke Spencer and Liam Jones.


The opening of the first half was promising for Blaenrhondda with Huw Bontell bringing Ceiron Beer into good attacking positions.  Llwydcoed's defender Christopher Bristow was on hand to help and cleared the attack with a brilliant tackle.  Llwydcoed could not build any sustained attacks because of the amount of fouls being made, the one on Llwydcoed's Ioan Evans  in the first minute could have been a sending off.  After this good spell by Blaenrhondda, the hosts began to gain lots of possession and free kicks with Llwydcoed's Craig Moses, Elliott Morris, Morgan Andrews and Lewis Holder  creating lots of attacks and the goal they deserved arrived with Elliott Morris scoring a thirty yard scorcher to give Llwydcoed a deserved advantage.  Blaenrhondda's defence were by far the busier, Llwydcoed's Ioan Evans was unplayable the only way Blaenrhondda could stop him was by foul play, the free kicks awarded were wasted with the Blaenrhondda defenders clearing the aerial threat and then after another series of physical challenges Llwydcoed's Ross Daniels was dismissed, a big setback for the hosts at the end of the first half.


HT 1-0


The second half started with Llwydcoed looking to hang on to their goal advantage, they kept possession the hosts midfield were able to contain the Blaenrhondda midfield of Shane Davies and Luke Jones.  The outstanding Llwydcoed player was Ioan Evans who was a constant threat one movement in particular he raced passed four Blaenrhondda players and then a golden opportunity for Llwydcoed's striker Craig Moses he pounced on some hesitancy in the Blaenrhondda defence but shot wide what a chance.  Llwydcoed introduced their first substitute Cian Cable being brought on quickly followed by Michael Davies the need for fresh impetus from Llwydcoed's players was so important with the hot September heat sapping away at the Llwydcoed's ten.  They kept their shape and Blaenrhondda began to use their substitutes.  They won a throw in and Ceiron Beer headed the equaliser unmarked at the far post.  The match had swung towards Blaenrhondda with this goal another attack and only the goalpost saved Llwydcoed the shot crashing against it and Llwydcoed's resilience finally broke and Blaenrhondda's Jason Davies scored picking up the ball on the edge of the penalty shooting past a me-lee  of players to gain victory.  A crucial blow for Llwydcoed's ten players. Blaenrhondda had been patient and won the match.