- Fixture Backlog

The Committee were provided with data advising of the fixture backlog. The Committee discussed various options and agreed as follows:

-          If the home ground is not available to fulfil a fixture in respect of a postponed fixture, clubs will be allowed to find an alternative ground that complies with the Welsh League ground criteria or higher.

-          Kick off times may be flexible particularly on 3g facilities

-          Where clubs disagree on a midweek fixture the decision of the League will be final. Clubs are expected to cooperate with each other.

-          Clubs with floodlights will be encouraged to arranged midweek fixtures.

-          The League to be extended to the last Saturday in May, i.e. 28th May 2016. Youth Division will be extended until Sunday  29th May 2016

-          If required, the Reserve Division will be constantly reviewed depending on the weather


The decision of the Committee was taken under Rule 14 given the exceptional circumstances.